Who We Are

Up To Gnu Good began with the simple desire to make low sugar and low carbohydrate treats available to anyone looking for an alternative to the traditional carb-heavy fare available in the majority of restaurants, cafés, and shops. In this day and age of conflicting nutritional and dietary advice, having the ability to make a personal choice in one’s own nutritional journey is essential. We are surrounded by endless choices in every aspect of our lives, and yet when it comes to ready-to-eat food when we’re out and about, our choices are often sadly limiting, depending on our own personal dietary lifestyles. This is where Up To Gnu Good comes into the picture, with our ever growing selection of natural, whole food, low carb goodies.

Up To Gnu Good are a husband and wife team, John and Anu, based in Brighton, U.K. since 2014. Anu is the chef and home baker of the operation, while John is her invaluable assistant – sous chef, grocery shopper, delivery driver, and life support. Together, they are on a mission to bring a little more choice in your life, one delicious, healthy bite at a time.

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